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Kaatsu Training

Kaatsu training is a revolutionary resistance training system that uses precise, pressurized cuffs to restrict blood flow to the limbs during a workout. It is a scientifically endorsed, safe, effective, and unique form of exercise that offers a host of benefits across a variety of populations. The Kaatsu bands are attached either around the arms […]

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Super Slow

Super slow is a high intensity resistance training technique where one set per exercise is performed to failure. As the name suggests, repetitions are executed with a very slow tempo. Repetitions are timed, not counted; and efficiency, control, concentration, and breathing are emphasized throughout the session. Super slow offers unique and highly effective approach to […]

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What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is simply a state in which the body is primarily using fat, and fat-derived molecules called ketones, for fuel instead of glucose. Our modern, industrialized, 21st century diet is predominately carbohydrate based, which leads to chronically elevated insulin and blood sugar levels. This process drives the accumulation of adipose (fat) tissue, and leads most […]

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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a dietary strategy that allows for varying windows of time where no calories (either from food, drink, or supplements) are consumed. By itself, intermittent fasting is a protocol that does not direct attention to what foods are being consumed. Instead, intermittent fasting shifts focus to when calorie intake is occurring. The time […]

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How do we use carbs?

Much like omega 6-fatty acids, carbohydrates and their main regulatory hormone, insulin, are not inherently deleterious to human health. Many of the problems we see with them come from their gross over representation in the modern Western diet. So, while for most people the journey toward achieving their health goals will entail periods of carbohydrate […]

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What’s the Deal With Meat?

Meat consumption has long been a point of contention in our society. We are confronted by a plethora of often contradictory advice from a wide range of experts, each invoking scientific rationale to support his or her recommendations. Amid such confusion, what choices regarding meat should an individual begin implementing to improve health? As is […]

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Grains & Inflammation

InflammationExcessive inflammation is one of the main drivers of cellular damage, aging, and chronic disease in the body. At the acute level, inflammation is responsible for the essential life functions like wound healing and fighting infection. Our modern lifestyle, however, has contributed to a profound dysregulation of these inflammatory functions. Many lifestyle factors can contribute […]

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Saturated Fat/Cholesterol

Government recommendations based on the restriction of dietary saturated fat and cholesterol stem from a gross misrepresentation of the research data. These recommendations have led to decades of bad public policy and marketing hype, and have severely damaged the public’s understanding of basic nutritional science. Dietary cholesterol and saturated fat guidelines in this country were […]

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Dairy has long been a controversial topic in nutrition. Is it good for us or does it contribute to inflammation and metabolic disease? The answer is that it depends on the person and the quality of dairy they are consuming. After educating ourselves about the fallacious arguments and flawed data demonizing saturated fat and cholesterol, […]

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Cold Thermogenesis

First popularized by the legendary “Wim Hof”, The Iceman, a Dutch man who holds the Guinness World record for swimming in arctic water for prolonged distances and running to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in nothing but swimming trunks. Scott Carney wrote a New York Times bestseller about him called, “What Doesn’t Kill Us”…

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An important concept to understand when embarking on a strength and conditioning program is hormesis. It has been shown that in certain instances, when an organism experiences a physical or environmental stressor, it reacts by enacting a supercompensatory response. This response then causes a beneficial increase in resilience to the stressor, and an overall improvement […]

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Epigenetics is a relatively new field of study which focuses on heritable changes in gene expression. Genes are portions of our DNA that encode information for all of our various biological functions. They are the fundamental units of data which collectively emerge as our biological lives, affecting everything from eye color to sub-cellular metabolic processes. […]

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Far Infrared Sauna

The benefits to using a far infrared sauna are manifold. When used in conjunction with a strength training program, the far infrared sauna has been shown to have a synergistic effect on performance and recovery. For performance For muscle growth / recovery For performance, muscle growth, and recovery benefits, the optimal (and likely most convenient) […]

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