Work Harder and Smarter, Not Longer

Tucked away in the woods of beautiful North Stamford is one of the most unique workout settings you will ever find.

After successfully building and growing Pure Conditioning in midtown Manhattan since 1999, Stamford resident and personal trainer, Daniel Pachter opened Pure Conditioning at the Solarium in his house … yes, his house … in 2016. And yes, the workout facility is in a specially built solarium, replete with custom re-engineered and modified exercise equipment, a cold plunge tub, and an infrared sauna.

In full transparency, Daniel convinced me a few months back to put my faith in his hands, and he promised to transform my body and mind with his unique training method. I, like many people, need the structure and “push” to get myself to work out. The fact that the sessions are personalized, customized, and are just 30 minutes twice a week was extremely appealing to me. I was skeptical that working out only twice a week would produce results. Boy, was I mistaken. In just a few months, the results are real. I maximize my valuable time doing practices that produce measurable and sustainable improvements in strength, flexibility and cardiovascular efficiency, while in my pursuit to increase longevity and decrease the chances of injury.

Pachter has 28 years of training experience, starting in 1995 when he was an assistant strength coach for five Division 1 sports teams at Penn State while receiving his degree in Exercise Science. Daniel has always seen the interconnectedness between exercise and nutrition. His mantra is “Work harder and smarter, not longer”.

Daniel and his friendly, skilled trainers take you through a series of movements and exercises that are carefully monitored, tracked, and controlled.  Pure Conditioning has integrated several time-efficient, safe, and effective methods, all of which allow you to work harder, safer and achieve optimal stimulation of the body in a 30-minute session.  Pure Conditioning goes further by incorporating other modalities such as Kaatsu (a training method that was developed by a Japanese physician over 50 years ago), infrared sauna therapy, cold plunge, and nutrition advice that collectively produce superior results with less time commitment than conventional approaches.

Daniel’s methodology is adaptable to all ages and body types and custom-designed to meet each client’s needs and goals. Pure Conditioning’s clientele ranges from 10 to 87 year olds, and from over-weight couch potatoes to triathletes and weekend warriors. The methods and modalties practiced at Pure Conditioning are the Solarium, coupled with professional instruction from a team of experts and precise tracking, are the building blocks on which Pure Conditioning builds superior results. 

Article originally published in Stamford City Lifestyle.