David Fishman

  • I learned about Dan from a friend who had phenomenal (and clearly visible) results from working with Dan. Dan is incredibly professional in the way he approaches his work and serves his clients. He has his own, very unique "school of thought" on personal conditioning, weight training, medical science, and diet. Incredibly well-read and educated on such subjects, Dan does not apply the dogma of a single source, author, or guru -- instead he has blended the wisdom of a multitude of vetted experts. He has a healthy skepticism of fads, trends, and "established wisdom" focusing instead on what he sees that actually works with his own clients and on himself. Clients get a home-made textbook of his favorite works from others along with his own writings. This is not in any way a typical personal training experience -- I have many of those at places like Equinox and NY Sports -- instead Dan takes the time to get to know you and your goals. He designs a "super-slow"-type routine which he intimately supervises and properly runs in 12-week or so cycles. Where other trainers can get lazy -- using a formula that gets tired and hinders results, Dan keeps things new and novel each session. There is no better motivator. His understanding of the paleo diet and intermittent fasting is immense, and he coaches his clients through the process via email at any time. His own commitment to the program he espouses is rock-solid -- as are the results. All together he creates a challenging, efficient, fun, and seriously effective "whole-person" training program. David Fishman