Andrea, 50 Executive Assistant

  • Daniel is so much more that just a personal trainer. He is absolutely committed to his goal of making his clients healthier, both physically and mentally. Although I had always been physically active, I had done very little weight-bearing exercise. It was the threat of osteoporosis that sent me scurrying to learn more about the SuperSlow method. That's how I met Dan. It has now been over three years that I have been working out with him. With infinite patience, encouragement and a great sense of humor, Dan has not only changed my approach to exercise, he has also inspired in me a confidence that I never knew I possessed. I am now far stronger than I ever imagined possible; I feel great and the results of my last bone density test shows marked improvement! Knowing Dan and working with him has been a life-altering experience. There are a lot of trainers out there; but there is only one Daniel Pachter. Andrea, 50 Executive Assistant