Gary Lee
Finance Dept. Co-Chair Morrison & Foerster LLP
May 2008

Gary Lee
Finance Dept. Co-Chair Morrison & Foerster LLP
Client since: May 2008

Q : Why did you become a client?
I'm a bankruptcy and restructuring lawyer. Leading up to 2008 that meant little time to exercise, eat healthy or sleep and from October 2008 even less. I decided that I needed better balance. I'd heard about Super Slow and Dan from a client and friend of mine who was the CEO of his own company. He had a similar life style and had been working with Dan for a few years.

Q : How has your body changed?
I weigh less than I did when I left law school 25 years ago. And over seven years I have slowly but surely put on muscle. My wife likes it and so do I.

Q : How has your eating changed?
Completely. I think about the mix of foods I eat, when I eat and more importantly eat when I'm hungry. That doesn't mean I don't eat pizza or burgers or fries. It does mean I think about when I eat them and what that means the rest of the week.

Q : Advice for someone considering joining PURE CONDITIONING:
Best thing I ever did for my health. In one way it's 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week where you focus totally on your health and body. In another way it becomes a lifestyle choice.