Conditioning Specialist

Andrew graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a BS in interdisciplinary studies, with a focus on Exercise Science and English Literature. He was drawn to the fields of health, performance, and nutrition about a decade ago after beginning to implement changes in his own lifestyle through diet and exercise. Through reading, research, and self-experimentation, he underwent a paradigm shift in his thinking about human health and wellness. Today, he regards “Health” as something we as individuals need to feel empowered about and take ownership of. Andrew believes, and has seen in himself and others, that through our choices, and with the proper support, information, and guidance, we need not feel condemned to live out our current state of health. Rather than to allow and accept deterioration, or to simply attempt to maintain one’s body and health, we should seek to improve, and continue to reach for a quality of life and level of performance that empowers us far into the future.

Andrew became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2014. Working with Daniel and the Pure Conditioning team has greatly expanded Andrew’s understanding of exercise and nutrition. The Pure Conditioning training program gathers all the latest, safest, most effective and efficient exercise modalities and streamlines them into a workout that ensures clients get the best results possible. Andrew is excited to work for a company that is constantly learning, evolving and applying the best and latest information that the research has to offer in the fields of health, exercise, and nutrition.